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Welcome—LAB: THE PODCAST—Listeners!

Hello LAB: THE PODCAST listeners! Very nice to meet you. I’m so grateful you dropped by for a look… it’s not much to look at yet is it? It’s all good though! Hey, Zach and Cammie Elliott have been dear friend for many years. And because they know me so well, I’m kind of amazed but also honored they’d invite me to share my story with you all! Smile. I absolutely enjoyed visiting with Zach to create this episode. He’s as great an interviewer as he is a leader—I deeply respect his talent and commitment to Jesus Christ. And Cammie’s pretty excellent too! Grin.

As far as my upcoming book and the Worship Hero ministry, there is a giant amount of exciting news on the way. Please bookmark and stick around for the ride—visit frequently and even subscribe at the very bottom of the Worship Hero homepage for email updates on new blog posts. That said, it remains early in the marketing/release process and many things are still ramping up for my book, HEROIC DisGRACE’s release date—December 7, 2021. But you can still provide early support by preordering the book on Amazon HERE. If you have problems with Amazon you can visit my publisher BookBaby‘s online bookstore HERE. There have been some difficulties with the pre-orders of the Kindle version on Amazon that you can read-up on over at my Facebook page HERE. All the same, please enjoy the animated videos of chapter one of my story as they release weekly, every Wednesday and Friday on YouTube HERE. They’re a fun way to dive into my story. Enjoy! And please don’t hesitate to subscribe to Worship Hero on YouTube and Facebook. There you go! That should keep you bouncing across the internet until my next post! Thanks again for being one of the earliest supporters of the Worship Hero ministry and me, Scott W. Box. Please say, ”Hi” anytime! Until next time—later!—L.A.B. THE PODCAST friends! -Box


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