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A Significant Part Of My Story

As a kid, I would have never even considered the joy of developing a genuine relationship with my Aunt Maryellen Welch, my Uncle Phil, and rock star cousin Brian “Head” Welch of Korn. I’ll never be able to thank them properly for their support for my upcoming book, Heroic Disgrace. It is amazing how they play a uniquely important role in my story, even though separated geographically and distant relationally for decades.

As I wrote my story, I needed to reach out to them to request their approval about what I wrote about them in Heroic Disgrace. Here’s what I learned: My Aunt has a heart of gold and the wisdom of a sage. And my cousin, Brian, is just like his mom. It’s crazy. And I’m not kissin’ “anything” here. The truth is, their support has blessed me by giving my story amplified credibility I could have never achieved on my own. Incredible.

One final note: Maryellen (the oldest of five kids on my mom’s side of the family) had to endure the challenge of reading chapters I wrote about her… I wrote about her heroism in her family’s story—specifically my mom’s—ultimately cutting the chapters in the final pass, just before publication! So I (unintentionally) toyed with her emotions! …Someday I’ll share those chapters publically to toy with her emotions a bit more! Wink.


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